Meet Your Coach

Asna is a motivational entrepreneur who holds a degree in international negotiation and has worked in the fields of business and marketing. After going through a burnout herself, she learned from her own experience and became an inspirational motivator who supports women and entrepreneurs in daring to pursue their goals. Asna will help you not only to build your business or your projects, but also to build your life. She’ll help you develop your soft skills and dare to follow directions you might otherwise hesitate to take. With Asna, you’ll learn to make things happen and realize your dreams.

Asna Kouva

Your motivational speaker to embark on your life like a queen and build your project.

Asna’s “WOMAN, ON FIRE” program is designed to motivate you in the areas of sales, public speaking and eloquence, and to stimulate your creativity. Thanks to her experience, she can help you present your project and articulate your case effectively. She encourages her clients to tap into their own positive energy and approach these topics with joy. Working with Asna, you’ll have the energy you need to:

  • Step out of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities.
  • Develop your self-confidence and belief in your abilities.
  • Find your passion and purpose in life.
  • Convince others more easily, gain credibility, and stimulate creativity to find new ideas and solutions.

6 sessions – a personalised action plan after each session



In French


Individual Session


1hr Sessions




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