Meet Your Coach

Marie-Aimée Kiroffo is a wellness enthusiast with a passion for fitness, beauty, relaxation, personal development, and emotional management. With over 22 years of experience in socio-cultural animation, she has acquired numerous cross-functional skills that enable her to offer customized workshops to meet the specific needs of each client. As the mother of two children, parenthood and helping children and their parents to understand their emotions are subjects close to her heart. Today, Marie-Aimée puts all her acquired skills in this field to serve business leaders who want to be in their best physical and mental shape, as well as their employees who need recognition more than ever.

Her goal is to help them understand themselves and create their own toolboxes. For her, by listening to our bodies, we have all the answers.

Marie-Aimée Kiroffo

Beauty, Relaxation, Personal Development to help you blossom and improve your quality of life.

She offers individual or group “Fly Girl” coaching to help you achieve your wellness goals. Her personalized workshops include:

  • "Mom & Me: Bonding time"

Parenting Workshops for a better understanding of their emotions, connection, communication and relationship development. Understand your child to help them take flight while preserving family ties.

  • "Nailed it! Hands-on Beauty!"

Beauty care workshops to improve self-esteem and take care of your body. Feel better physically to increase your confidence and dare.

  • "Feeling myself - Selfcare"

Relaxation workshops, based on postures and breathing for deep relaxation of body and mind. Live a peaceful life with the help of simple and applicable tools for everyday use.

  • "Love Myself"

A “Love Myself” wellness package that includes a choice of body scrub, a choice of massage, and facial treatment.

6 sessions (Theory & Practice)



In French


Available in group or 1-2-1 formats


1h – 1.5h sessions


Venue privatization or at your home or company


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