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Edwige SOSSOU-GERVAIS is a specialized perinatal coach, offering her expertise and support to parents during the first thousand days of their child’s life, covering the pre-conception, pregnancy, postnatal, and early childhood periods. After a career of over twenty years in management and purchasing, Edwige felt the call of a new direction for the second part of her career. Holding a master’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in purchasing, she enriched her journey with a specialization in perinatal care at CeFAP in Bordeaux and obtained a certification in professional group development facilitation.

As a mother and stepmother, Edwige intimately understands that parenthood is an adventure filled with challenges, joys, and learning experiences. In a world where grandparents often live far from their children, and healthcare professionals and support structures may be overwhelmed, with waitlists spanning several months, she is committed to breaking the geographical and relational isolation.

Edwige Sossou-Gervais

Family and Professional Fulfillment: The Revealed Balance with Edwige Sossou-Gervais, Perinatal Coach.

In this human adventure of parenthood, Edwige offers her “Harmony Crown” guidance, with kindness and active listening, to help you realize your journey into parenthood and childbirth.

  • Find a harmonious balance between professional life, personal life, and parenthood, for a fulfilled and balanced daily experience.
  • Build a strong and fulfilled parental partnership by co-creating your journey as parents and supporting each other.
  • Embark on an exploratory journey of open and connected parenthood, breaking gender stereotypes, and empowering children to explore their individual identities.
  • Successfully reconcile parenthood and your career, ensuring the fulfilment of everyone in their role and place, for a serene and harmonious life.

6 sessions – a personalised action plan after each session



In French


Individual Session


1hr Sessions




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