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Éléonore Balagne, certified Money Relations coach, is a passionate entrepreneur and storyteller. Her unconventional background makes her an exceptional coach. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, she has integrated her multiple facets to find her own balance. Former adherent of conventional success, Éléonore is now charting her own path by offering expertise based on three pillars: Money Relations, Negotiation, and Neuroscience.

But what truly sets her apart is her pragmatic and lighthearted approach. She firmly believes that life is a game, and she encourages her clients to embrace a lightheartedness while remaining accountable for their choices.

Eléonore Balagne

Your money relations coach to open the doors to lasting financial freedom. 


Éléonore’s coaching program ‘Fierce Financial Freedom : unleash your wealth potential‘ will enable you to transform your relationship with money and achieve lasting financial freedom. With her, you will:

  • Pacify your relationship with money by releasing your emotions and dissolving fears and limiting beliefs.
  • Acquire essential negotiation skills to get what you want in all areas of your life. Bonus: a guaranteed boost of self-confidence!
  • Break the taboo around money by daring to talk about it in a constructive and assertive manner.
  • Find balance between your professional and personal life by effectively managing your financial responsibilities.

6 intervention sessions – personalised action plan after each session



In French


Individual Session


1 hr Sessions




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