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Laure has always been passionate about understanding human beings and their capacity for change. After spending about ten years working for large corporations in the communication field, her life took a significant turn in 2018 following various events. After several months of exploration and coaching, Laure reconnected with her talents and embarked on her own coaching journey, acquiring training in various liberation methods. This led to the birth of her company, “Libellule Coaching,” aligned with her values and ambitions.

She has already supported a hundred women in freeing themselves and making significant changes in their lives. Laure has a unique approach that combines coaching techniques such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), wingwave coaching, and energy work. She delves into the subconscious, where 90% of our behaviors reside, focusing on the liberation and healing of the feminine and our conditioning. If you want to embrace the next chapter of your life, come and unlearn what is holding you back!

Laure de Rochemonteix

Your coach in self-awareness and deconditioningto dare to embrace yourself, love yourself and unleash your potential!

Laure offers personalized “be yourself” coaching, focusing on self-awareness, liberation from inherited conditioning, and the creation of a life that aligns with your true self. Her goal is to help women reconnect with themselves, feel secure, and aware of their value to create the life they desire while being authentic. In her coaching sessions, Laure guides you through a process of self-exploration to:

  • Identify your values, your needs and what makes you unique to boost your self-esteem and create a meaningful life.
  • Overcome emotional blockages, repetitive patterns, fears and limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward.
  • Learn how to take action to materialize your aspirations and create lasting changes in your life.

6 sessions – a personalised action plan after each session



In French


Individual Session


1 hr Sessions




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