Meet Your Coach

Rachel Castin is a professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Humanities and a Master’s degree in Finance and Strategy with a major in finance from Sciences Po Paris. As the author of the book “Les ateliers d’Epanouissement, ce n’est pas encore fini tant que tu n’avez pas décidé!”, she explores three key themes: keeping hope alive when things go wrong, developing your potential, and choosing your relationships strategically.

With experience of working for Mazars, La Banque de France, the Paris Senate and the Prefecture of French Guyana in local government, Rachel has in-depth knowledge of the business and political worlds. Today, Rachel is dedicated to personal development coaching for her clients, as well as public speaking for business leaders and politicians. Her goal is to help them fully harness their potential and achieve excellence.

Rachel Castin

Your public speaking coach to take control of your speech and maximize your impact.

Her coaching program titled “The Keys for an Excellent Speech!” will allow you to:

  • Develop your self-confidence and effective communication skills.
  • Enhance your delivery and presence on stage and in front of a camera.
  • Develop a strong and authentic speaking style.
  • Learn to assert yourself fully in your daily work environment.
  • Achieve an exceptional and persuasive level of public speaking.

6 intervention sessions – personalised action plan every month



In French & English


Individual Session


1 hr Sessions




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